About Dr Sampada Anvekar

Dr Sampada is basically from Belgum, so she is equally good in Marathi and Kannada. She has finished her MBBS from BLDE Medical College, Bijapur, after that through entrance she encased her All India rank by selecting MD Psychiatry as her currier course, finished her MD from KEM Mumbai under Dr Parker Madam, a big name in Psychiatry. During her tenure she has been honored with awards like Best Out going Student of the Year. And singing is one of her hobby. 

Something about Women Psychiatrist in India

The increasing number of females joining psychiatry is a relatively new phenomenon in the field of medicine. Keeping with the trends world over, the number of female psychiatrists in India is rising over the last two to three decades. Historically, psychiatry has often been considered to be associated with violent patients with number of misconceptions attached to it. The trends are changing now. Psychiatry has gradually shifted out from high walls of the mental hospitals to neuropsychiatry clinics and gaining more acceptability in society.

Working styles of female psychiatrists has noted to be different from their male colleagues in some aspects, they are more empathic in approach. Their patients report better satisfaction levels as they engage actively in the patient care by adopting a democratic style of communication, spend significantly greater amount of time in patient counseling, compared to their male colleagues. Female psychiatrists so far have left their marks on various areas of psychiatry like child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, pseudo seizure, suicide its prevention, community psychiatry, rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia, women’s mental health and marital issues.

But to succeed and flourish, they need support from home, society, and workplace as well as from other colleague doctors. So all of us have to support and maximize the optimal use of the substantial talent and intellectual capital of a female psychiatrist.

Thanking you.

Dr Balaji Anvekar
Fellowship in Neuroradiology (Nanawati Mumbai)

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